comodo defrager/optimizer

i would like to see comodo develop a defrager/optimizer (for hard disks of course). most defragers do exactly that -defrag. but they dont for the most part optimize for performance. ultra defrag by disktrix does some of this. but the thing is not ready for prime time. i think comodo could come up with a great one.

I believe a defragger is in development. That’s about all we know. :wink:

beautiful! - it seems there is nothing comodo cant do. watch out microsoft. coming in the not to distant future---------- comodo uops. comodo universal operating system.

Jkdefrag does that, it not only defrags it does everything you could want Tongue its no installation or something, just unzip and run JkDefrag.exe

Other Mirror

Ps the interface is sloppy and it starts defraging the moment its started, just wait untill its finnished (black screen and text that says finnished) and you can ofcourse what step and what file it drefraging, cheers. (:NRD)

I think a comodo defrag is unnecessary and the focus should be on security.

Hmmm…Maybe the idea is to integrate a defrager into CSC and to deliver all-in-one system optimizer/cleaner/tweaker ?

Maby so… But I don’t feel the need for that, as its so nicely integrated in windows, maby a simple button “run windows defrag” could do the trick. (:KWL)

But I guess if .FaZio93. is right about comodo developing this, then it will have some other cool stuff and a real good reason for doing so. Comodo’s firewall is better than windows firewall… so lets see. :wink:

I use currently use JKDefrag. I couldn’t care less about the GUI, it does a great job, with of course, no installation. :slight_smile:

I believe that’s the plan. :wink:

COMODO = Better PC experience. PC Security + PC Care go hand in hand for better computing. :wink:

Oh i agree to have a defragmentation too.

And .FaZio93. got it right, all-in-one care.

JKDefrag is really good. Another one is IObit Defrag.

Way to go Comodo!! ;D

I second, third, fourth, and fifth this suggestion. :slight_smile:

Seeing how well Comodo did their security applications and System Cleaner, I can imagine how well a Comodo branded deframentation software would work. It will even be better if it has an offline defragmentation option (To enable defragmentation of most, if not all, Windows system applications and dependencies, including the page file).

Comodo System cleaner is a good Tweaking tools for me.
But it’s will be better if Comodo makes this too.

i would be carefull using most of these defragers delvelopt by one person. they dont have the knowledge or resources to dig to deep into windows internals. smart defrag by iobit does not follow one of the golden rules. because of a bios limitation, windows startup files must be very near the beginning of the disk. smart defrag messed up my disk. its nice to have a good disk image backup/restore software. jkedefrag looks a little to obscure in its placement strategy and it to may not follow the golden rules. in general, for shareware you get what you pay for. if you dont , get your money back. for freeware you may pay for what you get. i think you get my meaning. for now i use perfectdisk 10. i keep hounding them to add optimization options in the program.

Agree entirely. Comodo, please don’t go down the defrag pgm path. The world dosen’t need another defragger that promises to save it.

After years of experience with XP (who dosen’t have that?) and trying out every single one of the defraggers I’ve come to have a little judgment on the subject.

Guess what? Leave well enough alone. XP’s prefetch and defrag will give you the best performance possible. Toss in some cool partitioning and page file adjustment and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to leave your machine running, doing nothing, from time to time. And do NOT delete the layout.ini unless you like starting over and losing your machine’s hard fought gains.

I would like to see them do 2 things the first is yes a hard disk defragmention to but also some sort of sight advisor

Sandwater wrote:

<The world dosen’t need another defragger that promises to save it.>

I honestly think he’s more than right with his assumption…

Everyone has his/her(?..) personal preferences, of course…

So I won’t start to tell you which defragger “is” or “is supposed to be by many out there to be” the best of 'em.

I prefer Auslogics DiskDefrag, for instance.
It’s really light, well… on demand only, very fast and accurate. And, last but not least, free of course. :slight_smile:

Great little app this is.

No need for any replacement so far. :slight_smile:

But, what would be a replacement for BOClean?

Really don’t know yet.

Talkin’ bout layered security once more.

(I hope, Melih won’t hit me for that, nah, you won’t, Melih, right? I know from somewhere beyond the very depths of time that you’re a good guy…) :slight_smile:

'ol REBOL me <oh, how I hate him…

:beer <<<< lol

That’s right man.

I tend to stand on a soapbox, it’s where I keep the beer.

The defrag aspect opinion I have is one of the few things, in puter’s, I’m sure of. I’ve read and read about options on this subject. I eventually came to my certainty.

As to some proof, all I got is my 20 second, or so, boot (I think, been awhile since I timed it), with pgms behaving with a nice snap during the day. Of course I employ other measures that help with the boot, using CIS is one of them.

But, my opinions are with using XP. I noted you use Vista, and soon enough, I’ll be using 7. I don’t know how my way’s will hold up on those OS’s.

JkDefrag GUI defrags and optimizers the hard drive as well as offers optional registry defragging and system cleaning all for FREE.

Well, for HQ registry defragging I’d never go further than here:

Last free version of Auslogics Registry Defrag (still working great!):

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

There’s also the last free version of Auslogics System Information (which is nice to look at, but maybe not quite up to the free version of SIW and the alike):

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Newest (still free) version of Auslogics DiskDefrag:

Newest (still free) version of Auslogics RegistryCleaner:

PS: And here’s the last free version
of the great “scrolling” screen capture proggy “Faststone Screen Capture”:

Both installer version / portable version… (last free version #5.3)


KEEP the good ol’ free ones alive!

Now, there’s a new version:

Auslogics DiskDefrag 2.00.

Just to remind you.

Looks more beautiful than before.
Full screen view available.
30 percent speed enhancement.
Full ability to defrag files, folders etc.
Custom scheduling.

Only minor flaw (if so): No disk optimizing function yet.

Recommended by me, though.

Why? One of the most accurate out there, and… still free.