Comodo Defrag

Comodo, has everything now… except a deffragler of its own !!! :-TU

what should comodo add to improve this service which other programs already offer. what should comodo do to be the best defrager besides obviously be the fastest. not saying this is a bad idea. just wanting to know what people think comodo should bring to this service

Hi guys. Gee OP that is bright on the eyes. I guess you are after opinions on this idea, so I will be honest with no offence intended. Comodo mainly specialise in Security and Trust, so in my opinion a Defragger would be along way from their minds. My opinions of specialised defraggers is sure they have extra functions over Windows own defrag, but I have tried quite a few in the past and have seen Zero performance gains over the built in one. Windows own defrag can also optimize recently used files based on prefetch data during idle time. IMO 3rd party defraggers could upset this optimization and possibly even give negative results. Kind regards.

if they are going to make a disk defrag they should also have the option to defrag and optimize. i really like this option it is currently used in auslogics defrag

btw comodo is adding a reg defrag to the next version of CSC

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actually comodo shud do a ram defrager

They went to the infamous Ask Toolbar. The installer put the files even before warning the user. My firewall intercept the installer after it is already in my disk and trying to connect. Shame.
Auslogics make a very very bad movement. I removed it from my computer and go for Puran Defrag (more features and no Ask Toolbar!).

i’ve never heard of this. my understanding of how ram works is that whatever is using ram no longer uses it once it’s closed. now i know that the more tabs you have opened in a browser, then more ram the browser uses and that if you’re using firefox and you close out a tab, firefox doesn’t give you back the full amount of ram you had before that tab was opened but once you close firefox its self then you regain it all back and there’s no hole in your ram where firefox was running that another program can’t use if you start running another program unlike when you delete files off your hard drive it leave holes on your hard disk which makes the space where the hole is unusable to store to store data. the hole doesn’t get patched up until you defrag your hard drive. so basically your ram kinda auto defrags because it doesn’t leave holes in your ram to begin with. do i have the wrong understanding of how ram works or no. if so let me know because if i do then i’ve been believing this for way to long

It would be nice to be able to defrag and re-organize the boot files for faster bootup. :o

The perfect disk optimiser doesn’t yet exist.

  • Diskeeper is the best hands down but would cost me $550 to deploy in my home. That’s silly.

  • Defraggler is a quick 80% solution but doesn’t provide enough utility to optimise and it doesn’t touch the registry and I’m not sure about boot/prefetch data or directory consolidation/file sorting. Additionally, like most defragmenters, it packs everything together, which is great until a file is modified.

  • JetDrive defrags registry but isn’t good for anything else and is annoying to use.

  • MyDefrag provides a wonderful ability to manually tune your disk but is far from user-friendly. This is the best option for maintaining raw performance. Out of the box its probably the best free solution available and it uses Windows Task Scheduler rather than adding yet another service/scheduler/overhead (I hate that).

So I vote for MyJetDefreeker.

Have you tried Puran Defrag?
Scheduling, boot time defragmentation, etc.

i think this is a great idea

@freedom: Yes. +1. Like Ashampoo Magical Defrag.

Yes and I just gave it another go. It doesn’t optimize; it only defrags and I didn’t like its auto-while-idle implementation (or it didn’t work…I get Puran and Auslogics confused; they are similar; one’s idle defrag didn’t work and the other’s I didn’t like because it only did it a maximum of every 12 hrs.)

I’m really liking the auto/idle and boot-time defrag in Smart Defrag 2 (v1.2 was awful); I may continue to use it in conjunction with MyDefrag.

PerfectDisk looked promising except it only sorts by timestamps (terrible).

No, it does optimize, and very well.

I agree with Tech, Puran defrag does a good job of optimizing, of course I checked for Puran to do its thing in Prieferences, then ran the regular defrag, followed by the boot time defrag.

Sometimes I will use Defragler at the beginning but I will always finish with Puran Defrag regular defrag and then the boot time defrag.


Diskeeper is the king. Been in business since 1981 and I think that qualifies them. Most people don’t know that the built in version of windows defrag is a very stripped down version of Diskeeper. Look it up. :wink: Freeware wise Auslogics Disk Defrag is the leader of the pack.

I really do think they should have a disk defragment. It will cover one of the last thing Comodo system cleaner is missing.

+1 they can also integrate it into system cleaner