Comodo Defense+ slowing Nvidia Graphic drivers?

Is Comodo Defense+ slowing NVIDIA Graphic Drivers? If So Please start correcting it.

Well just tested this by running Crysis Benchmark with the following settings

11/28/2011 1:55:58 AM - Vista 64 Beginning Run #1 on Map-island, Demo-benchmark_gpu DX9 1680x1050, AA=No AA, Vsync=Disabled, 32 bit test, FullScreen Demo Loops=3, Time Of Day= 9 Global Game Quality: Custom Custom Quality Values: VolumetricEffects=High Texture=High ObjectDetail=High Sound=High Shadows=Low Water=High Physics=High Particles=High Shading=Low PostProcessing=High GameEffects=High

Results for D+ ON:

Completed All Tests


11/28/2011 1:55:58 AM - Vista 64

Run #1- DX9 1680x1050 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: Custom ~~ Overall Average FPS: 30.7

Defense plus permanently OFF:

Completed All Tests


11/28/2011 2:04:14 AM - Vista 64

Run #1- DX9 1680x1050 AA=No AA, 32 bit test, Quality: Custom ~~ Overall Average FPS: 30.56

As you can see D+ is not slowing down Nvidia drivers. Now it maybe acting on a single application. So I ask, what makes you think it maybe slowing down performance. Also I can only test for DX9 as my card is a old Geforce 7950x2

I have a Nvidia GTX 9800 with Nvidia 185.62 Drivers and freezes screen and when graphic drivers crash and restart the computer runs at slow of starting the desktop and sound is distorted. Games runs slow and freezes or crash off being constantly. When I install Nvidia Drivers 196.21 everything runs normally. I’m running Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

Yah that a graphics driver issue, not a Comodo D+ issue, and I should say that those are rather old drivers, the current ones that Nvidia is at are: 285.62.


Moved to General Discussion as this is not a Comodo bug.

If you get the feeling that the gpu is slower than usual add it to d+ exclusion (D+ → d+ settings → Execution Settings → exclusions → add —> wanted file/folder). If that doesn’t help than add it as System Application.

Valentin N

Can someone report this to Nvidia forms…


It would be best if you where the one to do it… As they may need system specs or for you to run tests. I dont expect them to help other then say upgrade to the latest drivers, as a fix, like you posted was already rolled out with the 196.21 drivers.

Here is the link to the 285.62 drivers, that work for your graphics card: GeForce 285.62 Driver 285.62

But like I said before Comodo is NOT slowing down any Nvidia hardware/software, Nvidia is already on the trusted venders list.