Comodo "defense & security level" always starts as DISABLED in XP?

2 problems :-

1 - Comodo defense & security level always starts as DISABLED in XP? My firewall security level states that its in SAFE MODE, but security is always DISABLED! I can set/save the security level to safe mode also, but every time I start up XP, its back to being disabled… any ideas as to why?

2 - PS this may be unrelated, but my comodo icon looks smaller than normal! Its the exact same version as I have used before (the latest!), but the icon seems to be alot smaller, with small dark areas to the left and right. I thought this was because “show tray animations” was set to on, and something was accessing my firewall all the time, but when I switch the firewall security level off while its still running/showing in the taskbar, the firewall icon looks just the same, so it cant be that? Why does my icon look smaller? Is it struggling to start up fully?

Could any of these 2 problems be due to the fact that I have installed Avira free antivirus, and its set to the strict level of starting up before any other windows program!? I cannot change this setting any more, but I thought this might be interfering with Comodo firewall when its trying to start up also, hence the always set to “disabled” security problem, and possible icon change …none of the above are that important, since I can change these settings after Comodo firewall has fully started. thanks for any suggestions on my 2 problems!