Comodo Defense + Sandbox

If i enable the Sandbox , and i open unknown programs , it sometimes says a program is not ‘’ digitally signed ‘’ , but if i disable the Sandbox , it says it is not recognized if i open a unknown program , why is that ?

Why does Comodo not say the same thing if u disable the Sandbox ?

And if it says it is not recognized , do they mean it is not digitally signed ?

Or that it is not in the whitelist ?

If i get a yelllow defense + alert , what does that mean , no digital signature or not in the whitelist ?

If it gets a red alert , it means it has no digital signature and it is not in the whitelist either right ?

And if a program gets sandboxed , and it sees its safe , does it do it automatic out of the sandbox ?

And partially limited is not safe i have seen , i have a virtual machine and i test malware and it doesnt stop all the malware even if i reboot , untrusted DOES work.

Lots and lots of great information here my friend… :wink:;msg364229