COMODO Defense+ responds *extremely* Slowly (CIS v3.5.54375.427 32bit)

I guess this is a proper consolodated bug report for the bug I’ve been experiencing since version 3.0.x of COMODO Firewall with Defense+, which was briefly fixed during CIS 3.5 RC1, and the update right after RC1.

Anyways, my computer specs:
Windows XP SP3 32bit
Core 2 Duo T5470 1.6Ghz

Security Softwares installed:
Avast! Home Edition
CIS 3.5.54375.427 with ONLY Firewall and Defense+ (No AV).
Spybot Search&Destroy 1.6

Okay, so this bug is very peculiar, and I’ll be quoting myself from previous threads where I reported this problem:

... when I click on "Accept" button when I select any options (Be it "Allow", "Treat this application as..."), the firewall doesn't seem to pass my permission/decision on to the application (it seems to just "hang" there), and the application will simply error out (time out, permission error, etc) ... Another point is that whenever I press on the Accept button, and I try to right click on COMODO's tray icon, it takes forever for the menu to show up (I'm assuming because COMODO is in the middle of transfering my decision of allowing the application to run to the application)
This was way back on COMODO Firewall

3xist suggested for me to try out CIS 3.5 RC1, and so I did (I properly uninstalled and re-install, then re-loaded by configurations). Voila, the bug was gone! Only for a time, unfortunately. I’m going to quote myself again:

Just to make things more precise, I installed the Firewall with Defense+ (No AV) from CIS 3.5.52764.414 RC1, and the bug was no longer present. I updated 3.5.52764.414 RC1 to the next version about a week or two afterwards (it was no longer RC1/Beta at that point, if memory serves--I cannot remember the actual version #), and the problem was still NON-existent! Then just a few days ago when I updated to 3.5.54375.427 (the newest version [to date]), the bug returned.

To summarize, the problem is as follows:
Whenever Defense+ Asks me what to do for an application, my responses are not passed onto the application, no matter what I select (It seems to default to “deny” and not give the permission to the application). During this time, Defense+ and COMODO Firewall Icon in my tray is non-responsive, so I cannot do anything. After about 30 seconds or so, control is regained to COMODO Firewall and the Icon is responsive, but the application is also denied permission (In certain instances, COMODO Defense+ would ask me multiple times regarding the SAME thing, even though I’d give it a permission while checking “Always use this permission”).

Other info:

The two threads that I’m referencing myself form are: (The original thread I reported the problem in) (Follow up thread when the problem returned in the latest version)

I have attached the CIS Report that was derived from the Configuration Reporting Script.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve made a similar topic about that problem here. This, like how my post is, should really be in the Wishlist, because of the way CIS saves actions:

Instead of adding/updating a rule, it rebuilds the whole CIS Rule Database in the registry. So as you get more & more rules, it will hang longer & longer.

I highly doubt this is because of how CIS behaves, since this did NOT occur with the RC1 and the version right AFTER RC1, yet this behaviour is back in the latest version as well as in the older 3.0.X versions…

I’m going to uninstall and roll back to 3.5.53896.424, the version after RC1. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to roll back to RC1 and see if the bug is fixed… If neither fixes the bug, then I’ll assume you’re right and it’s a CIS Design flaw.

I’ll keep everyone posted…

I have a similar issue.
when I get a D+ pop up screen and the “remember my anwer” option is ticked, CIS hangs for about 30 seconds and the CPU usage rises. then, when another pop up screen comes up (after that 30 second hang), same thing.
it happens only with that option ticked. without it ticked, everything works smooth. I’ve encountered this issue with CIS 3.5 and with the new 3.8 (I’ve never tried beta’s or RC’s). I thought it was related to my old configuration that I’ve imported. so I’ve deleted it and started using the Proactive Security setting. nothing. same issue.

my specs are:
O.S: Vista 32bit SP1
Processor: AMD turion x2 64
Security programs: avira antivir without resident shield (I use antivir only to scan the computer), superantispyware free, malwarebytes antimalware free, BOclean.
User: administrator

when I launch a new application (that I trust) I allow its requests without checking “remember my answer”. this or switch to training mode, so it remembers the rules and runs fine.

This use to be the case. Many thought it was a design issue (including me), but it has been marked as bug now. See here (read whole topic).