Comodo Defense plus: Restricted Options

Whenever I try to open my Spyware Terminator Centre the Comodo Defense plus alert says:

Spyware Terminator.exe was allowed to be executed previously, however a new parent application sp_rsser.exe (or verclsid.exe or Spyware Terminator shield.exe) is detected and it could not be recognised.

Comodo Defense plus alert then gives a choice of only 3 options for each of the new parent applications.

So for sp_rsser.exe I can only choose between: Installer or Updater; Windows System Application or Isolated Application. The same options are also only allowed for verclsid.exe or Spyware Terminator shield.exe.

However, I think Trusted Application would be the most suitable option; but as it’s not offered I’m not sure which to choose.

Just Click Allow This Request

If you want to add spyware_terminator.exe as a trust application
Go to Defense+>advance>computer security policy> spywareterminator.exe > edit > treat as Trusted Application

Did this solve your issue?

I already have sp_rsser.exe; spyware terminator.exe and spyware terminator shield.exe treated as trusted applications (versclid.exe is not listed) in Computer Security Policy, and yet I am still asked to choose an option by Defense plus alert.