Comodo Defense Locked My Mouse When It Asked About SynTPHelper

Comodo detected that SynTPHelper was trying to modify the user interface for my Firefox Portable 3.0.6. SynTPHelper is a pointing device component on my dual core laptop running Vista Home x64. Though a popup asked me if I wanted to allow it, MY MOUSE FROZE, not surprisingly being that the pointing software was locked by Comodo. Futhermore, to my disgust, I had to shut down my laptop to break free. Further to my disgust, when I restarted firefox, an update had gone missing for a firefox addon, and had to redownload it, AND THE NAVIGATION BAR WAS GONE AND WOULD NOT SHOW BACK IN THE CONTEXT MENU, as in so I could select it to put it back, the command was just gone. Thanks to God I had backed up the firefox portable folder a few minutes before this Hell happened.

Could you please fix this oh Comodo peeps? Maybe you can buy a laptop from walmart of the type I described, test your thing, and then return the laptop when you are done. Another thing, where in the Hell is the options to change the choices you selected for a program’s access to other programs? Why the Hell is it so ■■■■ hard to find, or is it even there? Or why no “undo” or “go back” on the popup? Big duh functions right there.

God bless you.

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