Comodo Defense+ interact well with Norton???

I have Norton Internet Security, which was preinstalled with my computer, and it works pretty well. Recently, though, I installed Comodo firewall because I wanted extra protection and figured comodo was one of the premier free firewalls. Today, I noticed that both Norton and Comodo Defense+ are listed as providing antispyware protection for my computer. Do you think this is okay or will they conflict or clash with each other? (Side note: I did turn off the norton firewall)

You can have as many scanners on your system as you want, just make sure only one of them has real-time scanning functions enabled.

Having two suites running at the same time is not recommended as the outcome is unpredictable; it may deteriorate your security.

Please uninstall or totally disable Norton when you want to run CIS with AV and Firewall. You can use Norton as AV program only and have the AV of Comodo disabled with no problem.