Comodo & Defense + Fails two Leak Tests

Hi All

Just tried Comodo CFP on Win XPSP3 and it failed the tooleaky.exe and Leaktest 1.2.exe

Thats 2 out of three I tried that failed it passed Firehole.exe.

Is this what one should expect from Comodo FP3 have others experienced it. If not what can I do to resolve it?


it could be that you installed the firewall and did a scan AFTER you installed the leaktests… this means the firewall will consider these executables as safe and it will not be placed in the pending files folder…

Another possibilty is that the firewall is set to training mode, which actually means allow all…

If you want to be sure… I should uninstall the leak tests, reinstall the firewall, export the standard configuration settings, reinstall the leak tests and try again…

maybe this will show a different result…

The test is only as good as the user behind it. The GRC leak test 1.2 passes just fine. How did you answer the alerts? If you had those tests already in your pc and you just installed Comodo then D+ is set to clean pc mode which means Comodo is assuming everything in your pc is clean. Set D+ to safe mode and delete all entries of the test in the firewall and D+. And the Firehole test passes also. See my screen shot.

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Hi Vettetech

Thanks for the reply

Why not set it to clean PC mode ie “out of the box”?

I am having difficulty in finding tooleaky in the firewall and defence plus. Can you point me in the right direction where they will be located

Thanks vm


Hey Terry,

Clean PC Mode assumes all applications on your computer are safe (You will get 0 alerts for them), You also will have Pending Files. Safe Mode doesn’t deal with pending files & will learn all applications new/unknown or already installed on your computer. IMO Safe Mode is the better choice for max security & will learn your good apps.

To find the entry for tooleaky, Go to Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and remove the entry for tooleaky.

Umm… Terry, I’m also curious on why you posted the same post here:

Hi 3xist

Thanks to all for their valuable help.

In reply to your question. Depends on whether you really do want an honest answer. Heregoes, I have posted a number of times in this forum and generally the likelihood of getting an answer is less than not getting one. In Wilsers it is the reverse. In addition I find on occasions a measure of intolerance if one puts a foot wrong or happen to be asking stupid questions because of ignorance.

That said, this forum MUST have the resources and ought to be the best for answering Comodo problems.

At this moment I am struggling to get to grips with Comodo, so I thank anyone who takes the trouble to help me.

Hope this answers your question in a reasonable manner

I pass those test also when I switch to Clean PC mode. SO once again did you have those test already downloaded before you installed Comodo? Wilders is a bunch of security freaks who think that layer after layer after layer will keep you better protected which is a bunch of bs. Best to stay out of there.


Not at all. We are all volunteers here & TRY our best to answer every help request (There are alot). But please stick with one forum, one post (In relation to duplicate posting).

In support of this forum , I am certainly not technically minded and have NEVER had a problem receiving advice, I must have posed at least 6 or more questions in the past and received very good sound advice from the likes of 3xist, vettetech & panic. IMHO they dont just answer and move on , but seem to me to be committed to ‘bottoming out’ any problem to a succesful conclusion, and in my case - believe me - it probably took alot of patience on their part…

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking for a second opinion.

Hi Kail

Thanks for your reply. I actually agree with you. Although I am sympathetic to moderators whose resources are scarce, and perhaps get slightly P… when somebody else is also possibly answering the question.

I stand by what I said in my earlier post. This forum is a very big one with a lot of resources. BUT BIG AINT NECESSARILY BEST. I am very grateful to all those who help me and I accept they are volunteers but my experience with this forum has had a chequered history. Unlike Wilders. That said the responses in this thread have been good.

To answer the question posed earlier about what I did. I decided to change to Online Armor (this afternoon) because it is simply easier to use and to understand and has less quirkiness. I do not in any way disparage Comodo, perhaps just myself and my inadequacy to comprehend its workings. (I know it is not as good, but if if you cannot understand it…)

One additional comment, the responses to my problem in both Wilders and Comodo on this and other threads, demonstrate to me that many do not fully understand the basics of Comodo PF, like me, because of it’s complexity.

A provocative final thought, Comodo PF is overengineered to the disadvantage of simplicity and comprehensibility.

Thank you all again for your very kind help.


Sorry to see you go Terry. Just remember to have the same protection in Online Armor that Comodo provides you will have to spend $40. Online Armor free doesn’t have anywhere near the protection that the paid version does. Your problem with Comodo was easily fixable. Any firewall can fail a leak test if you click the wrong reply.

Interesting…Terry post something at Wilders and here. Then posts help in the Online Armor forum. All within days of each other. Was she running2 firewalls? Nothing like bopping around I say.

She cannot get Online Armor to pass the tests either proving that she/he doesn’t know how to properly use a firewall.

It was only out of curiosity… :slight_smile: