Comodo Defense+ crashing Visual Studio's compiled programs

every time I start a new project using Visual Studio and compile it for the first time, Comodo will bug me about it. I am using the latest version of Comodo and this didn’t happen as often until recently when I reinstalled my computer.

But there’s a bigger problem that comes with this nagging from Comodo:

The full process of how this happens:

Say I make a new project called Test1
Comodo will bug me about Test1.exe when I compile it
after I click yes on comodo menu, Test1.exe will forcefully close itself, but it’s still being processed
BUT the visual studio becomes completely frozen, only through task manager
I go to Task manager, and I see Test1.exe being locked, and can’t force it to end
I reopen visual studio, and I can’t recompile this program at all because Test1.exe is still running

again this only happens the 1st time I create a new project, but it’s annoying as hell I have to go through this, is there a way to force comodo to allow everything compiled from my visual studio?

You could create a file group (scroll to the bottom of the page) that consists of a folder that you compile to, and give that group the Installer or Updater predefined policy.

that seems to work, but the firewall still bugs me about the exe’s and dll’s that my test.exe may call and use

can this be avoided or do I have to do this for all applications?

Are you running the test.exe from the same folder you’ve given the Installer or Updater policy? That is a very powerful policy and should be able to do whatever it wants without alerts.

From the help file:

Note on 'Installer or Updater' Policy : Applying the Predefined Policy 'Installer or Updater' for an application defines it as a trusted installer and all the files created by the application will also be considered as as trusted files. Some of the applications may have hidden codes that may potentially impair the security of your computer if allowed to create files of its own. Comodo advises you to use this Predefined Policy - 'Installer or Updater' with caution. On applying this policy to any of the application, an alert dialog will be displayed, describing the risks involved.

I basically did visual studio → start debugging to execute the program, and it still asks me if I should allow test.exe to do stuff.

Do you get the same alerts if you execute test.exe by the normal method? (Doubling clicking on the .exe. Again, from within the folder you’ve given the Installer or Updater policy)

I’m not sure how the policy would behave if the application in question is executed from within another application that has a different policy. I’m assuming Visual Studio isn’t in your compilation folder?

This FAQ may help you: Development tool fixes.

This problem has been solved in the past using these fixes.

Best wishes