Comodo Defense+ Blocked Intrusion spam

Hello Comodians.

Could I by any chance get aid or clarification on my current problem with the Comodo Defense+ behavior.

I’m getting an unconventional amount of Blocked Intrusions from a single source (my Headset)

As far as I’m concerned, the Steelseries should by all means be trusted and allowed in all forms.

Should I simply ignore it, It’s as far as I’m aware, not really causing any problems apart from being there
By the end of the day, there’s thousands of blocked intrusions by Steelseries, it’s an extreme ■■■■■■. Literally.

I’ve been keenly investigating for a fix in all manners and searches, to no avail.
Similar posts can be found but they are years old and on older versions of Comodo.

Appreciations for responses.

this is CIS’ self defense in action. it is preventing “SteelSeriesEngine3” from reading its processes in memory. This will not cause any problems if just left alone except if its happening many times a second it can cause some slow downs. To allow access click tasks → advanced tasks → open advanced settings → security settings → defense + → HIPS → HIPS rules then double click "COMODO Internet Security then click the protection settings tab then click modify for “Interprocess memory accesses” then just add “SteelSeriesEngine3”

CAUTION: this will give “SteelSeriesEngine3” the ability to kill any of comodo’s processes so only do this if you trust the program

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Confirmed. The problem has been solved.
And now that you did mention it. I had been recently experiencing some rather annoying slips of… Micro-second long freezing’s of the screen
while Counter-Strike / Titanfall sessions had been going. Occurred around the times i obtained the headset.
I gather this might see it’s end now as well, or I’ll have to consult my pillows technical expertise.

But. This problem is settled. Blocked intrusions log is happily ever so… dormant.

My appreciations, alot of 'em.

Im glad this worked for you. if you have any more problems let us know :-TU