Comodo Defense + and Spyware Blaster

Hello! I checked already few posts on this topic here but still can’t find what I’m looking for…

Does anyone run Comodo Defense + and Spyware Blaster together on this forum? Any conflicts? Can you run 2?

Thank you

I don’t know if this has changed, (haven’t used it for many years…) but Spyware Blaster never used to be memory resident. All it did was add a list of sites to your IE and FF blocked sites list.

Unless this core functionality has changed, there is no way this could interfere with D+.

Spywareblaster is still the same. It simply adds blacklists to the blacklist facilities of browsers.

There are no adverse effects between SB and CIS.

Thank you guys… ;D

One more Q if you know… If you already use Comodo DNS server do you really need this application? As you already protected from malware pages online?

I personally do not feel that blacklisting malware sites is a very useful form of protection.

Thousands of sites appear and disappear every day. It’s an impossible task to try and keep up with them.

They need to be discovered before they can be blacklisted, and by the time this happens, it could already be too late for someone.

I much prefer to depend on my security suite for protection.