Comodo Defense+ ALWAYS block CleanMem

You see I have this problem. The thing is, I tried everything in my knowledge to allow CleanMem. That includes making it a Trusted Application, running it in Training Mode, and even adding it in My Own Safe Files. This program of mine is needed to optimize my memory, it works, and it runs every 30 min or whenever I want it to, except CIS blocks it. Now I really need help on this.

One last thing… Because I didn’t want to bother registering just for this problem, I tried to log in using BugMeNot, and now my IP is blocked. Currently, I’m using to access here, and I don’t know if its IP might change, and then cause this account to be banned or something… I need a solution for this as well.

Please reply.

Read this topic: . It should be straight up your alley.

Oh thanks, but I found out earlier, and decided to just ignore it. It did seem working, except it’s always logged unless it runs from Windows Scheduler (every 30 minutes). Also, I’m unblocked from this forum, probably because of the link sent to my e-mail, so both are solved! javascript:void(0);