Comodo Defense Alert

Hello so anytime I am trying to play a game an online one which sends packets. I get this annoying message even after I allowed this request it keeps nagging me the same message over and over. The message that comes up is for eg.
steam.exe is trying to execute hl2.exe. what yould you like to do?
hl2.exe is a new executable and could not be recognized.

After I keep allowed this requqest and make it a trusted applicaiton I still get spammed for the same message until I have to eventually close the game I am running.

The defense level is at clean mode and firewall level is safe mode. Should I lower the levels of defense?

Try this:

Go to D+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > remove all rules pertaining to steam.exe, hl2.exe, etc.
Then set Defense+ to “Training Mode”.
Run the game for a few minutes, while D+ “learns” the game’s activity.
The set D+ back to Clean PC Mode.