Comodo Defence + and spyware terminator

IS it ok to run comodo D + with spyware terminator ( WITH HIPS ON) ???

Two HIPSses I would not recommned. They may bite at each other or cause unpredictable side effects. The last time I checked spyware terminator, some two years ago, the HIPS component was very very limited and not comparable to D+.

My advice stick to D+ for the HIPS; it is very strong and versatile. If I recall correctly people successfully run Comodo and Spyware Terminator, only the anti malware shield, together .

I agree with EricHC, only use one HIPS. I use D+, not to say that ST hips is bad or D+ is better, don’t know it’s just my preference. ST has come a long way and I think the software is top of the line. I’ve been looking for an anti-malware product, free of cause, and installed a number of products to test and none is more robust then ST. It’s not a resource hog, provides excellent malware protection, has real time monitoring protection, and the BIG ONE has automatic updates, which all the others fall short of. I run it along side of CIS and have no problems what so ever… What ever you do stay away from IS360. There’s a problem with it eating virtual memory. It does have real time monitoring but no auto update, makes no sense.

Sorry for miss spelling your name EricJH…