comodo def+ viral removal bug....

hey guys just asking here that i am currently using avast with comodo def+… when comodo def+ detects a virus from its amazing cloud… when i click clean… why do they always say removal fail??? :confused: im not sure whether its a bug or not but is there any quarantine folder or anything for this :confused:

and is i disable comodo’s real time antivirus protection can i use it as a second line of defense with avast???

please reply fast im getting kinda worried :confused:

Sorry you are having this problem.

Woth noting that if you have run CIS from when you acquired the machine cleaning would probably not be necessary - almost certainly no damaging infection would have been allowed as CIS is default deny.

Perhaps for this reason, automated cleaning is not CIS’s strong point - CIS AV tends to remove the offending executable, and some keys if accessible. However Comodo realises that not every CIS install is on a clean machine :slight_smile:

So CIS offers the GeekBuddy service, you can get 2 months free I think here. Used to be free forever f you can argue you are a good clause - not sure if this still holds. Also it offers CCE (Comopdo Cleaning Essentials) - a heavy weight tool which helps you clean the mechine yourself f you are techniclly aware.

Hope this helps

Best wishes


Further to the above I note that the version of CIS that includes the GeekBuddy service is stll free (for a year but I think renewed on request) to those who cannot afford to pay. For how to ask see this post:;msg401679#msg401679

thnx guys :slight_smile: at least CIS denies it :slight_smile: well anywayz… is it possible to quarantine the threat found by defense+? i mean like in anyway? :confused:

The file will probably have been sandboxed by CIS and thus unable to install itself further since you installed CIS.

But you can use AV ~ Quarantine to quarantine it as well if you wish. Or add it to blocked files in D+ Computer security policy.

But it may have spawned more than one executable. So you really need the infection properly cleaned.

Best wishes


very well then and big thank you for the awesome user support :wink: btw can i use CIS with av on disabled with avast?

Sory may have misinformed you re cotnued availability of this particular offer. Topic seems locked, am enquiring if there is a new topic.

Re Avast. There are many topics on getting Avast and Cis to work together - some adjustments are needed - just do a forum search. Here is a general post on running multiple security programs here.