Comodo DEF+ and Malwarebytes PRO

Hello forum members! I need your help! I want to try Malwarebytes PRO with Comodo DEF+. Comodo DEF+ don’t allow Malwarebytes PRO to use protection module it blocks it. Anybody know what to do?

Thank you very much ;D

What do the logs say in D+? It’s kind of odd because I’ve had MBAM and Comodo firewall and never had a conflict. If it is blocking it then you have to decide what area its being blocked in. Such as the sandbox, D+ or even the firewall. Check all the Logs and get back to us.

I run MBAM Pro in real-time alongside Comodo Firewall (D+, Sandbox, Proactive Security) and have experienced no issues.

KJ’s advice is what I would follow in an attempt to either find what is blocking MBAM and ensuring that it is listed in trusted apps.

Comodo DEF+ blocks malwarebytes in the memory access with the target of CIS - cmdagent.exe

I get this with malwarebytes…

If you go to the tab for Defense+ - Trusted Files and scroll down the list of trusted files by vendor, do you see any of the Malwarebytes files listed?

I have mbamservice.exe, mbamgui.exe and mbam.exe listed there.

If they aren’t there, use the “add” button to put them in the trusted files list.

Also, it may not be a bad idea to add Comodo’s running services (from task manager) in the ignore list of MBAM.

See if that helps.

That is CIS protecting itself from memory access. Try this. ‘Access memory’ event log entries - how can I suppress these? [v5]

I done that. Don’t help. Waiting for malwarebytes assistance. I think it’s something else now.

That’s what I was thinking. I posed this as it’s the ONLY alert about malwarebytes in DEF+.