Comodo dasn't protect for changers to the browser

many time some program change the settings of the browser like search engines like FireFox… and comodo dasn’t protect from this attack.

I think in a future version Comodo can think to set the security suite to allert and ask user when this happens.

No security today does this. Try using Comodo Dragon.

Also try using password protection settings in the browser? Can you do that?

You can add this item to the protected registry keys.

*\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes*

read this thread

it won’t protect everything but it will protect your default search engine

Its you who allows the installer to install toolbars and searches.
Or its a bad installer/ a product to stay away from.

I had to learn it the hard way…

…by looking at this picture years ago

Comodo Internet Security dasn’t protect from thoose program who change the browser settings like the default home page or search site. This should be improved.

oh yes… exist is this program allert you when in a pc some program try to change the browser settings … but comodo don’t allert and don’t save you on this.

Kingsoft AV detects some changes to the Internet Explorer too, and in some tests of my own it worked well. And now they think about to add some other browser too, like Firefox and Chrome so far i know. I hope they will add IceDradon too.

I think the idea is good. And i think its not a big thing for Comodo to make their own browsers or all browsers more secure against quiet changes. maybe they can do this with a better HIPS rule in the CIS software.

superantispyware alerts or maybe also protect when the home page of IE is changed

and if i remember correctly spybot search and destroy 1.6 did protect or maybe blocks some IE settings

I disagree. AVG protects your homepage from being changed.

+1000 :-TU

I run Ice Dragon, sometimes sandboxed sometimes not.

What confuses me a bit is that I can make a setting in non-sandboxed ID, e.g. move my toolbar buttons around, and then if I open ID sandboxed I will have to make the same change there again.

What really confuses me though, is that when I quit the sandboxed Ice Dragon it will remember the changes I’ve made. surely if it’s fully sandboxed it shouldn’t do that…?

(I write “FireFox” a lot in this text below, imagine it says “Ice Dragon” :wink: )
Once you run something in the sandbox for the first time it will take the information from the real system first then when you run it sandboxed again it will get the information from the previously sandboxed version of that application.
Lets make an example with FireFox, the first time you start FireFox in the sandbox it will use the settings you have on your current FireFox on your real system however from now on it will act like a completely different FireFox, if you close the sandboxed FireFox and then make changes to the “real” not sandboxed FireFox these changes won’t move over to the Sandboxed FireFox since the next time you start FireFox in the sandbox it will gather the data from the instance of FireFox you had last time in the Sandbox.
In order to get the data from the unsandboxed instance of FireFox over to the sandboxed instance of FireFox you have to reset the Sandbox which means when you start FireFox in sandbox next time, it won’t have any saved sandboxed data so it has to gather it from the real system again which is where the changes have been made to the unsandboxed FireFox.
This is the reason why Sandboxed FireFox remembers the changes you’ve made, because they are saved for the sandboxed FireFox but not for the FireFox that is not sandboxed. And as it is Fully Virtualized it is exactly what it should do, when you close the sandboxed FireFox it saves the data to the folder containing the sandbox data which is C:\VTRoot\ and when you start the sandboxed FireFox next time it will try to gather the information from there, though if no information exist it will take it from the real system which could be something like C:\Programs and Files\FireFox\ or something like that.
Or did I misunderstand you and you mean that changes to the sandboxed FireFox is carried over to the non-sandboxed FireFox?

Hitman Pro is detecting this registry entry as adware…belonging to babylon…

Hi Sanya thanks for your reply.

No, you understood me perfectly… it was just the question of why the sandboxed version was remembering changes that I was wondering about. I generaly clear the sandbox after each session so, that means that when I restart ID sanboxed, it is taking its information from the non-sandboxed version. That makes perfect sense thank you.

So … if I have gone into Sandbox Tasks and clicked the Run Virtual button to create an Ice Dragon shortcut on my desktop, then if I delete that shortcut and clear the sandbox that means that there will be no trace anywhere of my sandboxed Ice Dragon…? (Sorry gone a bit OT, I just realised I’m still in the Wishlist thread)

This is a tricky question and one I don’t have a sure answer to.
When you reset the sandbox it will delete all the data that was saved while running the application in the sandbox (excluding data saved to shared space and other excluded directories) and it will also remove all registry keys etc however I am not sure whether CIS performs a clean deletion or not. Normally when you delete something in Windows it’s not actually deleted, it is just pulled from the list that defines where the data is on the hard-drive so the data can still be recovered using special software or tools if it isn’t already overwritten by other data (since it is not in the list it is considered free space and hence it might get overwritten)

So while it is deleted, it is technically not deleted without a trace, unless CIS performs special deletion methods which I don’t think it does.

Much appreciated thank you. Yes I understand what “delete” means on a PC, I was more wondering what becomes of my Virtual Ice Dragon once I clear the sandbox and whether it still exists anywhere as distinct from my original Ice Dragon.

I’ll resist derailing this thread any further anyway! Thank you for your time and responses.