Comodo dark side?

Is this true?

No, it’s not true. Did you read the comments on that article… or even the date that it was posted (23-Sep-2009)?

update: related topic back from 2009… The dark side of Comodo products

Has EULA changed since 2009?
I admit that I don’t read them at all.

I couldn’t tell you, I don’t keep a history of them. But as it was pointed out at the time, it really was (is?) just a standard industry EULA. There was nothing funny or suspect in the EULA I believe. Besides, the rest of article’s claims proved false anyway.

1 Yes, I read the comments some agreed with the writer.Hence my asking here
2 It does not matter when it happened if it is true

where were they proved false

In the comments. There’s an official Comodo response in the comments.

What did you agree with?

Maybe not, but 2009 called and they want their FUD back. :wink:

What did you agree with?

I do not know enough to know who is right that is why I asked