Comodo custom protection automatically turned off, seems like hijack

The Application Monitor, Component Monitor, Network Monitor, and Application Behavior Analysis have been turned off by some “unseen force.” I try to turn them back on, but before it’s even registered by the program that I do, they click back to the off position. This happened today, when I first turned the computer on. The last time I used the computer (last night), nothing out of the ordinary happened, I was just downloading a movie, however I left it on so I could get to bed. I instructed the download manager to shut the computer down after it had finished.

So far, I’ve searched for new .exe files manually, and will run a virus scan soon, and am wondering: how do fix this problem?

I’ve had Comodo running successfully for months now, this didn’t just happen when I installed.

Running on 28.8k dial-up (doesn’t seem relevant IMO)
Windows 2000
On an Administrator account
Anti-virus is AVG 7.5
I don’t see any odd file running in task manager. If someone could tell me which section of the registry I might want to look for background apps, I would appreciate that.

Screenshot coming soon, if people seem confused by my problem.

Yeah a screen shot would be nice, never heard of these in CFP. Sounds like an AVG problem of which I heard many lately.