COMODO created a password for logon(Locked)

You can find the option under Defense+/Advanced/General Options tab.

Maybe you had automatic logon enabled and after the CIS update it disabled it…

Thanks to Jacob who’s info got me back into XP but ultimately I uninstalled Comodo from both XP and Vista due to the XP issue and possible leaks.

So! can anyone tell me if the latest incarnation of Comodo will create the same problems if I install it as I prefer the Comodo Firewall.


May I ask a dumb question here please??? Do you use Comodo System Cleaner along with CIS??? There is an option in System Cleaner for automatic logon under utilities>system settings>logon.

I have never used it but it has a feature stating username and password. I am also not sure whether these are co-related or not. In my settings that option is disabled, but I don’t know how it performs when it is enabled. If you have CSC, please do check this feature to figure out whether this is being done by CSC or CIS.

well i just did a clean install of XP pro sp3, I didn´t install anything but comodo with"Block all unknown requests if the application is closed" and guess what???
Right ,again got a logon password which i did not create ,so please don´t tell me that CIS doesn´t create logon password because it DOES!!!
It doesn´t happen with version 3.5 so there is something wrong with the latest version
it doesn´t matter if you make a mistake but at least admit it.

…and pressing enter without typing any password doesn’t work?

I don’t think it does.
Instead it seems to change group policies so that you can’t log in without password even if you don’t have one, since that’s what Windows says if you simply press enter.

What is more likely is that it accidentally blocks reading or corrupts part of the registry, the result of which stops you logging on without a password.

If I press enter without typing anything I get a windows dialog box with a title of “Logon Message” and contents of “Unable to log you on because of an account restriction”. When I click on ‘OK’ to dismiss the dialog box I get a tooltip (I think it’s a tooltip) titled “Did you forget you password.”. (Note, if I roll back my system to when I had a version of CIS that doesn’t show this problem and then explicitly set a password, then press enter without typing anything when asked for this password at logon I just get the “Did you forget you password” tooltip.)

If I press enter after entering a few random letters I just get the tooltip titled “Did you forget you password”.

I don’t know if this adds anything to the puzzle but I’ve never been asked for a password in ‘Safe Mode’.


Hi All,

Please disable “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed” option and retry. This options is NOT enabled by default and it is not supposed to be enabled until CIS learns everything properly and has a proper computer security policy.

CIS 3.8 is NOT CIS 3.5. It has tons of other enforcements. It is NOT chaning any of your group policies. Because the abover mentinoned option is enabled, it might be blocking something it should not be supposed to. So to help us, please try to do what we say and let us know what happens.

We are trying to identify this weird issue but we need you to cooperate.


See my previous reply. I have now looked at the option “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed” .
And guess what: it is not checked, so it is/was never enabled. Why should it? : I never changed it, I did not know of the existence, so it was as primary installed: not enabled.
Yet I had the password problem after the upgrade.
So are you sure that the cause of the problem has anything to do with this option ???

Ok can you please provide a full list of applications running in your system? You can send Process Explorer screenshot.

See the attachment for the file made with Process Explorer (via save as). At that moment no special programs were running.
I hope it helps.

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Thanks Egemen.


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Hi Al,

Would you be willing to have an EasyVPN/or MSN instant messaging session with me so that we could work togrther to identify the issue first hand?


i just posted about this (or similar?) problem yesterday.;new;topicseen#new.

from the above mentioned post: "i recently installed comodo firewall. about the same time i started getting intermittent problems logging on my computer. normally i turn on computer and via “control userpasswords2” automatically log in to my account.

now, when i boot, i get the “unable to log you on because of an account restriction” message. i click ok, it takes me to the user login screen, where i click on on of the two accounts (mine, which is an admin account with null password, and a restricted account with null password). it tells me it is the wrong password and takes me back to the “unable to log…” screen. at this point i hit the windows key>turn off computer>reboot , and i get to my desktop, as it should."

this problem doesn’t happen with every boot. aside from it being annoying, i am concerned that at some point i will be locked out of my computer.

btw: “block all unknown requests…” is Not checked… i don’t have windows messenger. i am running xp pro, sp2.


Yes I would be willing to have an Easy VPN messaging session with you I will have to install it I don’t have any messaging systems on my computer installed so I will have to install Easy VPN and get back to you but I would be willing to do that if that will help and I can post my list of programs later here to

as suggested in the other thread, i disabled defense+ to see if that made any difference in the login problem. it didn’t.

btw: why does message at bottom of summary screen say that “all systems are active and running” if defense+ is disabled?


I’m happy to help if I can.

I’ve installed EasyVPN. I can be available anytime except between 5pm and 7pm UK time.

Let me know what to do with EasyVPN and when you’d like it done.


Just PMed you.