COMODO Crashing svchost.exe (v3.0.15.277)

I have installed Comodo on several pc’s with no crashing what so ever. I have NOD32 and Comodo running on my desktop and laptop with no crashes. Crashes are usually caused by software conflicts. Also look at your D+ log and see if anything is blocked in there that may lead you to your answer. The Windows Security Center shouldn’t be running unless its giving you a message about something. Here is a screen shot of my processes. Your gonna need to keep disabling auto starts until you find whats causing your crash.

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Nvidia ■■■■ is uninstalled, All logs are empty. And i barely have anything starting up at all. Just my soundcard, Logitech keyboard stuff, Online Control (My router manager) and Daemon tools. That’s it. I don’t see any connection with me and the other people on Page 1 that experienced this crashes besides that all of us used a Realtek Soundcard.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-040

Did you update your windows?

Graweg NetApi32.dll Exploit

Have you tried a diagnostic start up. Then just enable 1 item at a time.

No, my Windows Update is always off. I installed the Update from your link but i don’t think that this fixed it seeing as i used another Firewall before (which was ■■■■) but didn’t get the Svchost crash.

not yet, i will wait for it to crash again once. It only crashed once in 2 days thats quite impressive considering it crashed like every 2 hours with the earlier version of COMODO.

Thanks for all the Help and Support by the way.

Word of advice. When ever your trying to find a bug you need to start from the ground up. You say your pc was crashing and you think it was Comodo but you reinstall Windows anyways. Well over 4 years ago I was using NIS (Norton Internet Security). My pc would lock up and crash at times. I did a quick reinstall of Windows and then put my pc back to where it was and it still crashed. Kinda hard to figure out what is causing it when you put all the stuff back in you were using before. This is the best thing to do when your trying to diagnose a problem like yours.

  1. Make a back up of all your important files and folders.
  2. Burn a copy of SP2 and SP3.
  3. Reboot and write “0000” to the drive. This complete erases your drive. Most drives have some cd or a downloadable version of software to do this. My Seagates do.
  4. Install Windows using a low level format.
  5. Once your up and running ONLY install your services packs and be sure Windows is all up to date and running fine.
  6. Install all necessary driver updates (video,sound,mobo drivers)
  7. Do not add anything else. Now all you have is a fresh install of Windows and your drivers.
    8 ) Since you think Comodo is causing your problem then ONLY install Comodo. Nothing else.
  8. Run your pc for atleast a week like this and see what happens.
  9. If there are no more crashes for a good period of time then its not Comodo.
  10. Now start installing things 1 by one. Install 1 thing per day.
  11. If it crashes then the last thing you installed is causing a confilct.

I didn’t install anything unnecessary, i installed Windows, Comodo, msn, winamp, firefox, media codecs and drivers. That’s it. Anyway it didn’T crash since a while now if it crashes again i might try out a different windows or update mine and see if that fixes it. Again, thanks for help.

But see thats where you went wrong. You installed Comodo,MSN,Winamp,Firefox,Media Codescs. Now how are you suppose to know whats causing your problem if you go ahead and install one thing after another. I am only trying to help. Even though those few things you installed may not have anything to do with your problem but you need to start somewhere. Did you write zeros to the drive? How did you reinstall Windows?

I don’t know what you mean with writing zeros to the drive. I just boot from CD and format from there. Also i installed every day stuff like msn, etc. Programs everyone uses yet im the only one with this problem. I do know you’re just trying to help me and im very grateful. Like i said i will just wait and see if it crashes again. If it does i consider updating my Windows.

The only way to write zero’s to the drive is with a program that comes with your hard drives. What kind of hard drives do you have? Also did you delete your old partition? Did you do a quick format?

i never do quick format, only normal format and yes i do delete the Partition, my hard drive should be a Samsung one and it came without any CD.