Comodo Crashing/Freezing Up PC

Win Xp SP2
Comodo Ver:

so I run comodo defense in safe mode, & It asks me for permission each time a prog tries to do something.

So I run this, select an entry & hit CTRL+v It should winactivate firefox & Type in my username & password.

Problem: As soon as I hit CTL+v It freezes up, Comodo displays the balloon tip asking for permission, but my keyboard & mouse are are not responding, as a result I can only restart PC.

And yes it always happens When i it CTRL+v.

Should I search for new firewall now, or it will/can be fixed?

Why search for a new firewall when this is your first problem. Well no even a problem I say. Read all the sticky notes under important topics first. Try putting D+ in training mode. Do your logs say anything?

Comodo has logs? Where?

the diagnostic utility found nothing.

If i switch to training mode, it does not ask anything, this means that any app can do anything & i will get no alerts. That would be simply Idiotic…

He’s trying to help you out, Simply put D+ in training mode, do what you wish (As long as you know its safe) And Comodo will LEARN that this program is safe… After that switch it to another mode, Most people use safe mode

For example, you may put D+ in training mode while you play a game, Play it for a few minutes then switch it back. D+ will assume its safe while in training mode.

The logs are on top of the firewall and D+ tabs. Go to Firewall/View Firewall Events/ Also go to D+/View D+ Events. Training mode is a temporary mode to allow Comodo to learn your programs. All firewalls have a training mode and logs. It is not idiotic aslong as your pc is clean.