comodo crashing everything else

Hello, I just installed comodo firewall pro on a newly installed copy of windows XP (SP2) and I’m having some problems with it crashing all my apps.


Daemon Tools: Randomly loosing my drives.
APC PowerChute (UPS utility): looses USB connection to the UPS.
Mapsource: crashes completely
windows: backgrounds/fonts disappearing, extremely unstable, rendering using system font instead of arial.

When the computer first boots it is fine. After about 20 minutes, everything goes nuts. Within 15 seconds of closing the firewall app I regain my USB connections, drives remount, and the screen problems refresh and are gone.

To try to resolve the problem I turned component control off, application blocking behavior off. Still the same problems.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Hi 64ninjas ;D. Welcome to the forum.

Please upload your minidump here:,6747.0.html. I don’t know the answer, but Daemon Tools driver(s) has known to conflict with CFP in the past.