Comodo Crashes When 2 users log on

Latly ive been leaving my computer on as ive been converting alot of videos for dvd. While this is going on i switch users and it usually stays on the welcome screen. When someone else logs on to the computer and leaves by either “switch user” or just logs off i come back to an error about comodo firewall needing to close. Anyone solution to this?


I have a similar problem using the latest version of CF (v.

I have 2 admin accounts on my PC. When I first switch the users by loggin off, the CF’s GUI pops up when I log in the second account. The taskbar icon is not present, even after I click on X to close the GUI.

Hi mihaipi, welcome to the forums & a belated welcome Shanks. (:WAV)

I’ve not heard of this before, I suggest that you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. If you do this, please post back any feedback or resolution you are given here, thanks.

Has anybody tried putting “cfp.exe” (CFP executable) in this folder:

(\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)

It might help and it might not. Just something to try.


Hi jasper

Surely you mean a shortcut… rather than the actual program (cpf.exe)? But, the shortcut should also have the “/background” to CFP to start correctly. However, I don’t think this is a startup issue… is it?

I have more info on this issue.
It only happens to the second account.

I installed CF under one administrator account, and when I switch to the second admin account I get this bug. But if I switch back, CF behaves normally. And I can reproduce this again and again.

In the first screen you can see that CF is ok , but no icon in taskbar. Second one shows that cpf.exe is running, but no icon in taskbar.

Why do I have to create that shortcut? CF has to configure it itself if needed.

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I don’t think you need to create a shortcut, I suspect Jasper misunderstood the issue.

You are right Kail. I meant a shortcut and not the actual program executable.

I was just trying to see if maybe something in the loading of the firewall wasn’t getting loaded properly and that shorcut might help ensuring that it gets loaded from scratch.

It was just a suggestion that I hadn’t seen anyone try yet on the switching users problem.