Comodo Crashes New Sony Vaio

I just bought a new Sony Vaio VGN-FW31J. It is top of the line, 4GB RAM, Dual Core, etc. I have now restored the computer from and out-of-the-box state 4 times as it would continually crash and it just got worse. Today I finished the fourth complete reinstall. I did it SLOWLY. Each time I installed a new application I worked for a long time. The last thing I installed was Comodo. After restarting the system after the Comodo install the system immediately hung. Windows Explorer just hangs. I can’t even open the Task Manager to power down the system. The hard disk lamp is permanently lit and when I do tell the system to shut down it won’t shut down completely and I have to push the power switch four seconds to kill it.

I LOVE Comodo and have used it for many years. I hope someone out there can give me a tip or two. It just doesn’t make sense. I have the same OS (Vista), the same apps I have always used and the same configuration. What could be causing this?

Thanks so much for any direction here.

Dave :-\

Hello Dave :slight_smile:

Once you are done installing CIS,
Uncheck “Restart Computer”
and then open up CIS (Shortcut should be on your desktop)
Then Go to Defense+ > Advance > Defense+ Settings > Training Mode > Apply
Then Restart…

Did this help?

What other “major” software do you have running?
(Major as in Security?)