Comodo Cpu usage maybe too high? a program bug?

I have used cfw for days, i found cpw’s cpu usage is very high when i was downloading some files with utorrent.

if there’re no network traffic, cpu usage is low.

I don’t know why.


cpu: intel c331 2.66
network:adsl 1M

win2000,nod32 v2 ,PeerGuardian,ProcessGuard,cFosspeed, spybot

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Hi cold628 & welcome to the forums.

Try setting the uTorrent components to “Skip advanced security checks” on the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab under CPFs Application Monitor. Also you might want to consider doing the same for NOD32, PG2 & ProcessGuard (since they’re security products CPF might as well trust them). Check CPFs log to ensure nothing is being blocked unnecessarily or that there are no unexpected blocks.

Doing a search for high CPU on the forums would probably yield useful information as well.

Hi Folks,

I am always running on top
and you would be amazed to see how cpu usage is jumping up and down
even without any aparant reason … I replaced ZA with Comodo FW
for slow startup reasons. I have BD10 standaard as virus shield and
Counter Spy as spyware shield. I think it s a choice you have to make.
Low CPU usage = low security … High CPU usage = better security…
So let the protection software do their job (:WIN)
Of course is cpu usgae remains at 100% something is wrong
with your system (:NRD)