Comodo CPU hog

Comodo is the #1 user of CPU cycles on my system by far as you can see in the attachment.

Why does Comodo use so much CPU time and what is being done to reduce its resource demands?

[attachment deleted by admin]

You can start with telling showing us d+ events, eventual firewall events and what security software you had before.

The security software I had before? You mean FW? That would be Comodo. AV is MS MSE.

Well one problem I am seeing in the FW log is a huge number of blocked events for Comodo checking for updates EVERY 5 MINUTES! What’s up with this? I just turned update checking off. Hopefully that will eliminate this foolishness.

I also see Comodo reaching out o the “cloud” on a regular basis (and being blocked by itself! [lol]). So I shut off the cloud checking settings.

Let’s see if this helps.