Comodo corrupted my laptop

I recently bought a decent spec Packard Bell easy note I was looking for a decent security suite comodo seemed to come up a lot. I went for the new version biggest mistake ever didn’t just corrupt windows but my whole God ■■■■ laptop not knowing it was comodo before my laptop would no longer power up properly with the battery in

I took it to pc world and they powered it up without the battery. It loaded in to Windows but immediately there were problems the touch pad stopped working the keyboard and wifi too then it froze and crashed. He told me to do a reset but that was no good either windows setup said the recovery partition was missing and a simple repair turned up the error message windows partition is locked.

Restarted it again got my wireless mouse to work disk use was jammed at 100 percent in task manager then ram and cpu the same then crashed again when I took it back again the guy powered it up crashed again restarted then nothing no power at all this time guy told me there was an issue with board inside had to give me a brand new laptop.

Non the wiser at this point put comodo on the new one recognised similar things were happening had to quickly do a full reset now waiting God knows how long for it to do its thing. Honestly can’t be the laptop because it worked fine before only after the installation of comodo there are problems there is something very seriously wrong with comodo if there are any technical support on the forums you need to flag this with someone in your company because it’s madness.

I made a paragraph structure and added some punctuation for an easier read. Eric

Did you properly remove the security software that came with the laptop before you installed Comodo?