Comodo control panel does not open up - any advice??!

I seem to have a problem with Comodo firewall 3. When I click on the program icon in the Start Menu, Comodo does not start up, in fact nothing happens. Comodo is already running, but the control panel does not open up when I click on the Comodo icon.

The only way of opening the control panel is to right click on the Comodo icon in the Windows taskbar and select 'Open, but the icon does not always appear there. Even when I go into Windows Explorer and double-click the Comodo .exe file, nothing happens and the Comodo control panel does not open up.

Any advice or suggestions on why this happens? Thanks.

What version? That was normal in version .268. Update to .277 and the desktop short cut short work.

It’s better to expand the systray and open CFP from there imo.

I have the same problem with quite a few of my icons, (mostly Comodo’s) that will not load in the systray, however, all programs are running, Process Explorer shows them so.
All I do is log off, then log on and all icons are back in the systray.

Many thanks for your help. I was running an older version 3 of the firewall, and although I clicked on ‘Update’, it was saying there were no further updates avaliable. I found the patch on the Comodo website and installed that so I now have version The icon still does not always appear in the Windows taskbar, but when I double-click the Comodo firewall icon in the Start Menu, the control panel open fine.

I went on the Microsoft website and read that icons not appearing on the taskbar is part of a long-known Windows bug which has never been fixed as the cause is not fully understood.

Further update on the icons not showing in systray, with the 295 version of CFP3, now all my icons are showing. I started having “icon showing” issues way back when I installed CBO 4.25 (abandoned BOC shortly after that, for a whole other reason) . Like I said before, a log-off/log-on brought them all back.
Now, however, all my icons show after boot-up, no more logging off and back on.
Not a big issue, but every change for the better is good.

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forgot to mention, using XP SP2

I have a similiar problem. I’m using the latest 32-bit version of CFP 3. Windows XP PRO SP2. Avira, Sandboxie and CMF.
If I change from Paranoid → Disable,I can’t right-click CFP in the traybar to open it, click it normally, launch it from the shortcut or the original file in the program folder. It also blocks everything unknown, without any alerts.
If I change from Disable → Paranoid, it’s the same thing, except it won’t give any alerts and allow everything.
I need to reboot to solve the problem.