Remember every COMODO service and/or product (free and paid) has its own board, moderators, technical support, etc. Use this post only, and only if, you dont receive any answer in a reasonable time. Posting the forum link where you asked and no answer was given whatsoever… would be preferred.
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Questions about Valks performance and stability. (11 days ago and no answer):

Why has DNS 2.0 has closed beta? (53 days ago, and no answer):

New CIS 2012 product line. (30 days ago):

Comodo Unite, Error code 103. (79 days ago, and no answer):

Many HELP questions for CU. (more than 60 days old, and no answers at all):
Note: I recommend Teamviewer (its really a better product, and definitely better support).

Comodo, please dont keep quiet when your consumers ask you to explain why somethings arent working as they should in our perspective. Thank you. :azn:

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I guess you’ve not heard of bumping a topic then? Or, as a last result, going to Comodo Support and raising a support ticket?

I’m not sure this topic, in an area where the people you want to attract actually don’t go that much (if at all), is a particularly good solution though… unless, of course, you’re trying to formalise cross-posting and spamming in some way? 88)

I eagerly await your response. >:-D :wink:

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I agree with Kail.

What exactly is the point of posting here in regards to posts in other areas? ???

Looks suspiciously like a rather large cross-posting soapbox to me. :slight_smile:

Ok, post whatever you want. Close the post if you want.
I guess all I am trying to do its to fairly have some answers.

I even posted them in support.comodo.com through the ticket system and still no answer.

Its good that you moderators have everything for free.
We pay some services. So we want some answers.

But oh well, who cares. The only answers received in this posts are “maybe this is spam”, blah blah.
Again no technical answers about the matters.

Whateva! Post closed!

Well, I’m sure glad you took my posts in the spirit they were intended. For a minute there, I thought you were going to get all upset and start using the plural of yourself and… No wait… hang on.

Anyway, by creating this topic you are not doing things “fairly” at all. Besides, you’re not going to get much technical support on any Comodo products on this General board, we have separate boards for this. I’m fairly sure you know this.

Getting help/support is one thing… but, complaining about not getting any help/support (whilst trying to muster support/sympathy with other members) is something complete different. And given that, what exactly did you expect? For everybody to start adding links to every unanswered query on the forums? Where would that get you exactly?

If you have a complaint about a paid service, or otherwise, then please do it properly. Unless you direct these complaints to the appropriate people then you’re just shouting in the wind and it isn’t going to get you what you want any faster… if at all.

What’s the paid product that you’re having trouble getting support with? I can’t tell from the URL’s you posted above.

Also, what are your ticket numbers? I’m assuming you have made more than one submission.

PS I’ve had no free software off Comodo other than what everybody else has had for free. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I made such a terrible mistake.
I guess the whole world its unstable because of what I intended to do with this post.
Because of this post, the gas its going up again! Several wars are going to start in some other countries!

Where’s the “close this topic” button?
Should I request that button, here?

And then create another post of how the request its not going to be answered, and try to muster support/sympathy with other members?

Hi w-e-v ,

Sure you have sympathy.
At the same time you must not be so frustrated. No wars will start … I’m not just hoping - I’m sure about it heheh :wink:

As it was pointed - there is no way in Hell “officials” will often attend this particular section & answer

Then, suggested “bump”(ing) into already existing thread method usually works and as a last resort (even if any of your requests were not answered) you can always PM any moderator

As for posting into OffTopic in order to draw attention … again as it was said above - most likely it will not work.

As a matter of fact, in many forums like this whole OffTopic sections are being closed eventually - ceased to exist - because those are prone to spam & need a lot (more than necessary) of attention by Mods taking their valuable time

So, just bump into existing threads &/or PM to mods. I’m sure you will be heard

As for locking the thread you’ve created I never had any issues with that. What is a problem actually? Please describe it in more details

My regards

Finally someone worth of my time for reading his post!!!
Thank you SiberLynx.

At least, your suggestions address some kind of solution; not a permanent, but still good enough for other people who might read this post before it dies.

Mods should learn a lot about you. Now I understand why you are still around here. Mods need you! :wink:

OK then, wars averted and problems apparently solved. Thanks SiberLynx. ;D

Good that you said “apparently”.
Because it hasnt. Its just a way to finish this post.

I think one thing we need to remember here is that the Comodo Forums were originally established for General Comodo users/enthusiasts to interact among themselves, sharing feedback, solving problems together, helping one another out and not assume that all questions will be answered by experts or Staff.
To have anyone help solve a problem whether it be Staff or General users, IMO is a privilege in itself.
It is unfortunate that not all problems can be addressed, but that is just a fact of life.
Kind regards.

I agree with the good Captain here. He is on the ball with this. Much more help can come from fellow members than from staff themselves. Post issues in the correct forum/sub board to improve your odds of getting responses.