Comodo Configuring Programs at Startup


I uninstalled the old Version of 3. 0 Version Comodo program [Note! Cleaned out all old Comodo programming] and downloaded and installed the _3.0.16.295_XP_Vista_x32

I had problems with this new version which related to on the repeated computer start-ups for the Photoimpact X3 to “Configure”
This “Configure” took each time about 6 minutes to finish before I could access any Windows programming?

In the end I uninstalled the PI X3 then configured the Comodo 295 to use the “Install Mode” to reinstall of the PI X3.
At that time this procedure seemed to correct the problem!
However after about six later start-ups the “Configure” problem reoccurred/returned?

So now I have returned and reinstalled the old 184 Comodo program?
Now find all OK with the old Comodo program!

The other question is relates to one having two antivirus programs running? I understand you must only have one antivirus program installed? I use the AVG Free and then with the Comodo 295 you have running the Comodo BioClean?

Your comments would be appreciated!

I cannot help with the first part of your problem, but someone else will surely be along.

However, on the last part: BOClean is not an antivirus, so running it and AVG Free (or any other antivirus AFAIK) is fine. I have been running AVG Free and BOClean 4.25 together without any issues for quite some time (ever since Comodo acquired it). BOClean is an anti-Trojan and while some AVs protect against some Trojans, there is probably relatively little overlap. You should be fine in this area.