Comodo Configuration Question

I just started using Comodo v3.

Is there a way to not have the program question everything I do?

For example: I wanted to open a manual in pdf format that already was located on my hard disk. But I am asked do I really want to open that?

I am used to being asked if I want to allow a network operation (internet etc). But I really do not want to have to tell comodo each and every time.

Sooner or later a child or spouse is not going to know how they should answer and I would like to ease this part of comodo up without easing up the firewall to the outside.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


The popups have a “remember my answer” that you can use in most cases. You can also make specific applications trusted so they will be allowed without question. And if you use “training mode” you will not get popups for most actions, since you are telling CFP3 that your system applications are safe. Or “clean pc” mode for D+ and “train with safe” mode for FW after you have trained for a while. :slight_smile: