Comodo config for Firefox needed.

I’ve just paid for and installed COMODO Firewall Pro.

Firefox 2 works only for me with Comodo firewall disabled. WinXP/SP2 installed.

Is there a simple howto or FAQ that details how to configure this so that I may enable the firewall and browse with Firefox?

Thanks from a new customer.

Firewall>Advance>Network Security Policy>Mozzila Firefox > edit > use predefined policy > web browser

this should work… if not please reply


CGPMaster got here before i did lol but yes that should work also if you feal everything is safe on your pc the best config is safe mode for D+ and firewall.

BTW Firefox 3.01 is out and its best to upgrade. Welcome to the forums.

Hi tzillig,

When you say you paid for Comodo Firewall Pro do you mean the package offered by Comodo–>Pro plus with AV smart warranty?


ps What happens when you try to use Firefox?Have you answered any alerts regarding FF?

I removed FF2 with Revo uninstaller (looks clean!) and installed FF3. Comodo Firewall Professional (the name of the product as displayed) prompted me to go into “Install Mode” and I agreed. FF3 installed and works nicely with Comodo disabled, but does not work when Comodo is enabled even at the lowest “training level.”

I followed these FF2 configuration steps as advised:

Firewall>Advance>Network Security Policy>Mozzila Firefox > edit > use predefined policy > web browser

It doesn’t work yet, but these parameters appear to be configured in

Network Security Policy>Mozzila Firefox

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe  ....               Web Browser

Allow Access to loopback zone
Allow outgoing HTTP requests
Allow outgoing FTP requests
Allow outgoing FTP-PASV requests
Allow outgoing DNS requests

Any ideas? Please help.

Is Firefox being block in D+? Look at your logs. Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy.

“Trusted Application” is the D+ setting. D+ is in “Clean PC” mode.

FF3 works when I disable “Network Defense”

I may need to uninstall and get a refund if this can’t be fixed ASAP.

You didnt buy Comodo. Comodo is free. You bought a warranty incase you get infected. The network defense is the firewall itself and not D+. Open up Comodo and go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and find Firefox. Right click on it and make it a wen browser from the predefined policy’s. Firefox is a white listed program and should be auto allowed unless you blocked it. Does IE work ok? Also what happens when you disable your Firefox add ons? Have you tried running Firefox in Firefox’s Safe Mode option? What are your global rules? Have you tried deleting Firefox in the firewall and D+ then click apply and reboot. Let Comodo relearn Firefox. Be sure to click allow when you get a D+ alert.

I tried most of the suggestions offered. Comodo needed to be reinstalled from scratch. That fixed FF3!

any other problems or are they all fixed ?