Comodo Component Monitor [resolved]

Comodo Component Monitor has an icon to remove items. Does this option only remove items from the monitor or delete them from the hard disk?

This option only removes the rule, it doesn’t delete anything from your harddisk. And if you remove the rule for a certain component, when this component tries to connect, the CFP will ask you again what to do… So, no harm done.

That depends on the components loaded and the mode selected: Learn or On.

In Learn mode, almost every file is Allowed by default without prompting you. That’s the reason why CFP’s default setup is in Learn mode; otherwise you’ll be bombarded with prompts for known files.

In On mode, you’ll be alerted for everything that isn’t on the CM list yet.

You’re right, of course. It’s been a long time since I’ve turned the Learning mode off, that I’ve forgotten about it :slight_smile:

Thanks very much to both of you (Bubu74 & Soya) for your rapid and insightful responses.