Comodo Completely uninstaller (completely removal of programs)


I would like to see Comodo develop a software uninstaller, that uninstalls programs completely without leaving any trace. I think no one likes it when you uninstall a program and still find some stuff left behind.
Also the junk left behind can slow down the computer performance and unexpected errors could appear.
There are already some programs that uninstall programs completely (Revo uninstaller ,your uninstaller, Total uninstall etc). :slight_smile: I think it would be great if Comodo develops it.

Sorry for my bad English!

That’s a great idea.

let me just say this :wink: ;D

Should this be a clue? :smiley:

Lol :slight_smile: you guys think it’s not possible.
Well it’s possible because I use Total Uninstall and it removes software for 100% it’s using snapshot methode.
Total uninstall is an amazing piece of software!
I think a uninstaller is a needed tool, because some applications are hard to remove, look at those horrible Norton products they always leave stuff on the harddrive and the registry.
I think it would be great if Comodo develops a uninstaller.

Sorry for my bad English!

;D :-TU :-TU ;D

how is that then for listening to our users…

in 10 days after you requested we launched the product :slight_smile:


I dont know what to say or how to thank u Melih this is amazing!
I want to thank u Melih and the Comodo developers for making my request possible! I’m gonna help testing and report if I find bugs.

Sorry for my bad English!