Comodo completely freezes Winxp


i have installed Commodo Firewall 4.1 on WinXP 64 SP2. After comodo is loaded at startup, the complete systems is freezed, even the mouse doesn’t move. Sometimes it takes 20-30 seconds until the system freezes after startup.

I think that it might have to do something with some Windows Services i deactivated.

Does anyone know which of the services activated by default are needed for comodo ? Because of the freezing i can not go through every single service …


Additional Info:

I downloaded the Comodo Firewall Version on 14. August 2010 …

and i have Avira Antivir Personal running.

Does the current version could still have problems with Avira Antivir ?

CIS doesn’t depend on any Windows services. Avira and CIS usually work together nicely. But Win XP 64 bits is not used often by CIS users.

Do the Windows logs (Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer) or the D+ logs (defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events) give a clue as to what might be happening?