Comodo complete question

i installed Comodo Complete as a generous offer from Melih. First of all it did not install quite easily as i had to install it without the license code. I figured it out after a good 30 minutes chat with the great support these guys provide. Anyway everything went fine till today as i see that it interferes with three rograms
Trojan Hunter
Glary Utilities Pro
Bible Explorer 4

I do not want to uninstall them as they are essential to me so no way uninstalling. But after that story when i saw the CPU parameters they are going crazy at 100% . I uninstalled Comodo and now everything is fine and working as it should be. I love to have Comodo but i hate it when i have to sacrifice something for another thing,
VISTA HOME PREMIUM 32 bit( A FREE GIFT from my brother)
CIS 4 fully updated
Ram 1 gig on a Compaq Presario C 700
Mozilla firefox Web Browser

  1. How do you know that those three programs are the cause of the problem?

  2. Do you have any other security programs installed on the machine?

  3. Did you try disabling the sandbox and see if that helped?

Hopefully this is just a minor problem and can be easily fixed or bypassed.

i know it for sure
First of all i tried to install comodo and i could only do so after uninstalling T H as the comodo guy said so
Secondly i tried to open Bible Explorer and it failed everytime saying that something hindered it. i saw the log of the firewall and it was not there. Anyway after uninstalling cimodo everything camebac to normal.
Third i did not disable the sanbox but i hate to criple down comodo for the sake of something else.
meanwhile i will think it over time and try to reinstall comodo tomorrow again and do some more tweaking

No do not use any other security tools just one av fw and so on


Actually CIS is as safe, if not safer, with the sandbox disabled. The major purpose of it is to make it easier for the user as they will not have to decipher many Defense+ alerts.

You could try disabling it and see if it fixes your problem.