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check it out Special Unboxing - YouTube

Love it!! :slight_smile:


languy99- Where did you appropriate your copy of Comodo Complete and how much did it cost?


Melih was nice enough to give it to me in exchange for a review of it. But you can buy it from:


micro center



Or if you can’t afford it… You can always ask have a 1 year free worth of Complete. Running CIS Complete my self. :slight_smile: Spread the word! This is a EXTREMELY generous offer by a CEO of any company.


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Well Melih certainly knows a smart investment when he sees one! Comodo Complete is getting great reviews. Here’s one from Amazon…

This review is from: Bobby “Manhattan” (NYC)

Comodo Internet Security Complete 4.0 (CD-ROM)

I use Comodo for the SSL certificate on my business web site and thought who better to protect my computers. The software was easy to install, after registering I clicked on the live help icon and a Comodo technican helped me configure the software and even fixed problem that I was having with Windows. The software has more features than I expected, being protected when using a public hotspot is something I really like and online backup is nice to have since I once lost a PC with all my pictures on it. They helped me not only ensure that my security was set up properly but made my pc run better than it has since I bought it.


Great unboxing video lan. Keep up with the great work.

languy99, I have been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a while now, and I noticed your video earlier.

Great Job