comodo compatibility warning

i think now comodo should have a warning, if you try to install programs that are not compatible, such as time machine, and encryption. just say, a new user doesnt know,… if there was a warning, at install, say some kind of pre-scan attached it might save someone a lot of frustration, and they might be a satisfied user, instead of a frustrated hater…

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Could you tell us what version of CTM and CDE if you have? CTM 2.9 beta works very good; I have it on my host pc and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

The OS would also be nice to see.

I have both (CMT and CDE 2.0 beta) on a WM machine (OS: win 7 pro 32bit) they are compatible with each other.

Valentin N

Please note his example was CTM + CDE

Nothing to do with CIS


The problem is CTM can’t access when the disk is encrypted which is normal; if you pack in something you won’t be able access what it’s in there.

Valentin N

whether it’s “normal” ??? or not -

pebbles was legitimately asking for some warnings

… prior to or rather during the installation of this damaging Software


Its a good idea but i think it need a huge list of programs which are not compatible and it needs time and a lot of effort.
Does any other security product ( Antivirus/Firewall) has this feature yet?