Comodo compatability with Windows 7, 64bit - LOCK UP OF DEATH

There are some issues that need to be addressed for Comodo on a computer running Windows 7 Pro. I don’t think it really matters whether it’s 64bit or 32bit… (It is 64bit, though.)

Running Comodo: 3.12.111745.560, which I happily downloaded 'cause it said it was compatible.

My initial complaint was that when booting full screen games, I’d get a black screen of do-nothing. (;msg336661) Someone told me to put Comodo in training mode and boot those programs, then it would be fine after that in Safe Mode. I was OK with that as a fix for video games. (And it did work.)

HOWEVER. It’s now an issue that’s popping up in software I use daily- software that isn’t full screen. I’ll be happily using a program, and not thinking about Comodo, will do something a little odd, like import or export files, or use an odd feature of a program, etc, and it will do its LOCK UP OF DEATH.

Lock up of death basically means I can’t alt-tab, I can’t control alt delete, I can’t click my task bar, I can’t quit the program, I can’t click the start menu- my screen is frozen in place. BUT, the computer isn’t actually frozen. Any background programs I have are still running, such as music or Pidgin, and they continue to run, but inaccessibly, until I hard reset my computer. Comodo doesn’t pop up any ‘wanna let x this?’ bubbles, and it’s not just because it’s hidden- I’ve been keeping that space clear to try to catch it before my computer freezes.

I’ve had to hard reset my computer so many times, that it’s routine for Windows to kick me into CHKDSK at boot.

I’ve never had this issue under Vista- sure, the program I was using would lock up, but I could alt tab and tell Comodo to behave.

I do not think it is an acceptable solution to have to run every single program I have with Comodo under training mode and then die in agony as I lose work because I forgot one.

At this rate, I either run Comodo in training mode forever (kind of…defeats the point…) or I find new software. D:

It must be your config… I’ve been using CIS with Win7 Pro x64 and none of your problems happened to me. Everythign runs smoothly.

What configuration are you running under?

Do you use programs like Blender, Anime Studio Debut, Visual Studio 2008, XNA, The Gimp, and Steam?

Does the event get logged by Defense + where it says it blocks a program? Look under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alert.

Nope, nothing logged as being blocked, and I checked the entire month’s logs. It could have something to do with having to hard reset when the computer locks up.

I am fairly certain it’s Comodo causing freezes though, as I’ve turned it off to boot certain programs, or changed it to training mode, in order to get a previous unworking program or feature to perform.

I have exactly the same problem!

It took me quite a while to figure out that it was the Comodo-Firewall causing the lock-up… >:(

Since I graded up to Windows 7: every game started in fullscreen immediately results in a black screen with the computer not reacting anymore.

For that one, what you can do is put Comodo into training mode and then boot the game. :smiley: It’s really silly that we can’t alt tab out to it like with other Windows versions, though.

Other problem still stands. I have Comodo in training mode constantly. :confused:

If you do not have any problems in training mode, may try this: add folders (with all files, subfolders) of Blender, Anime Studio Debut, Visual Studio 2008, XNA, The Gimp, and Steam to “My own safe files” of Defense+. (help manual > Defense+ > Basic tasks > My own safe files – for step-by-step instruction)

Then you could switch to Safe (or clean pc) mode of Defense+ and see how it goes.

Okie. I’m doing that, but with a bit of a :-\ face. It’s a band-aid fix.

I try all sorts of programs for my work and school, so it’s really aggravating to boot something and then go ‘OMGNOWAIT!’ at a locked up screen because I forgot to put Comodo in training mode.

I do hope a proper fix is on the way. A few friends of mien are opting to not install Comodo as a result of my issues. D :

I am officially giving up on Comodo and uninstalling it from my system. It’s been way too much of a hassle, and I cannot turn it off. (Even if I completely quit Comodo, it’s been proven to still block programs or connections.)

The straw that broke the camel’s back? Attempting to install Lord of the Rings Online was a nightmare because of it- Comodo was ninjaly quarantining select temp files during its install without asking or informing me, and there’s no way I can tell it to make temp files ‘safe’ files, as they are temporary.

If I recall, in Vista, there was a ‘installer’ option that would pop up and ask if I wanted to let the program install stuff. I didn’t get that option/pop up this time around.

I’m pretty sad about it, 'cause Comodo and I got along wonderfully in Vista.

Hopefully Comodo addresses these issues soon.

Please read this post:

it also has to do with lock-ups and Windows 7 x64. There seems to be an issue with W7 x64, Comodo and 2D(and 3D?) hardware acceleration.

Read, and will be following it for any lock-up resolution info.

I am using windows 7 64 bit. Can I use comodo firewall with eset antivirus?

Yes, it works fine.

‘Comodo firewall’ + ‘Nod32 Antivirus’ : works fine.
'Comodo firewal’l + ‘Defense+’ + ‘Nod32 Antivirus’: works fine.

Do not use ‘ESET Smart Security’ with CIS.