Comodo compatability with avast ativirus home

I have recently installed the latest version of avast antivirus home (free version) and even though comodo seems to be working correctly the system tray icon continuously reports that the firewall is being initialized and stays that way.
Are there any known conflicts betweem Comodo and Avast or could it be some other problem?
Any help appreciated.

Welcome, Christopher (:WAV)

I’m not aware of any conflicts like that with Avast! HE. In the past, some users (although not all) have had problems with the WebShield conflicting, but others are fine. Haven’t heard anything on it in a while.

Now the “initializing” tooltip is known about. You might look here:,7055.0.html,7255.0.html this 2nd one has links to some other similar posts, and also has what might be a solution for you as well, until a permanent fix is issued.