Comodo coming with virus?

i fresh installed comodo firewall and after rebooting i got the error:

application could not start because of an error connecting to its database

When i start an other application it says:

not enough quota is available to process this command

even explorer.exe does not work.

When i start the unstaller it says
not enough quota is available to process this command

This behavior looks for me very suspicious as a program that leaves a system after a fresh install useless looks like a virus for me, but i thought i post it here and ask for help before i proceed to my virus forum.

Comodo Firewall is not a virus. ;D It looks like this may be some sort of bug.

Can you please try running the unistall program from here:
and see if this solves the problem and correctly uninstalls Comodo Firewall.

Did you answer any popups before you restarted or configure any settings? It seems very strange that explorer.exe does not work. Could be a virus interfering with the installation I suppose.

What other security programs are installed on the computer?

If you think it’s possible that there is a virus on the computer then check out this guide:
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