Comodo Cloud?

Seeing as how the “hot trend” in anti-malware seems to be cloud technology and since Comodo already has a Cloud Scanner, has Comodo considered exploring this vein yet? Perhaps even considered a partnership with a cloud-based vendor a’la Immunet/ClamAV to layer with its own AV/CIS? Interesting question anyway…

I think this could be a useful way of further enhancing the AV of Comodo. I don’t think they would team up with another cloud company, when they seem to have the underpinnings to set this up themselves.
It would be interesting to see what other forum members think are the advantages and disadvantages to a cloud based scanner? Could it be implemented with the possibility to disable the cloud and then use the AV scanner like it is now, for those on lower bandwidth connections - or would this add bloat?


That’s the very reason I think this would be worth looking into, the bloat issue. It seems like cloud based technology is much lighter in my experience. If you match Comodo’s heuristics with cloud ( maybe community based?) technology it may help with zero day threats as well. I know it would certainly get people talking! I’m already running Immunet/ClamAV alongside with CIS V4 in real time and I notice no performance loss at all so I for one would be interested. I would also like to hear others viewpoint on this subject.

Have a look at Comodo Cloud Scanner it uses “Cloud” AV detection on running processes.
And i think the knowledge they build with this tool is going to float back in to a later version of CIS 4.x :wink:

Interesting…I figured they must be at least mulling the idea over.

I agree it is much lighter. I’m also running Immunet alongside Comodo AV and haven’t noticed any performance hit - but have noticed significantly improved security.
I haven’t tried the Comodo Cloud Scanner yet, but it is something I’m looking into testing out in the next few weeks. I think it will be a great idea if this technology is used to develop or add to the current CIS 4. Maybe even 4.1?


I use Comodo free firewall along with Panda Cloud antivirus and seem to suffer no problems despite Panda advising/instructing not to use other security programs alongside Panda Cloud AV.

Presumably, if Comodo developed a (really good) Cloud Antivirus, they would design it so that it could run happily alongside other Comodo products e.g. their own firewall, and this could be of real benefit to users who would like all their security from the same provider.

Please beware that Panda refering to “Other security programs” should only be for “Same security” like don’t run 3 Anti-virus scanners because they will probably cause conflicts, and therefor degrade your protection in stead of strengthen it.

So no two firewalls, no two AV’s etc… there is nothing wrong with using a Firewall next to Panda Cloud scanner, that’s better security (multi-layer).

I’m suprised more users aren’t for this idea. Maybe everyone just wants V4 to work right before we jump into anything else. :slight_smile:

That would be great. :smiley:

There is already a cloud lookup happening in the AV of v4.

Really? Why hasn’t more been made of it? I haven’t heard anything about it.

I checked and it was not metioned in the change logs. 3xist found out when we were using an early mods only test version. They must have forgotten it in the release notes.