Comodo Cloud Windows

I have a limited internet package so want to clear few things

Comodo Cloud is available 2 ways i.e website & client download.

I read the help file & the point or the difference I want to clear between both is the following –

Website - If I understood correctly, anything uploaded, to view I have to download them whether docs, musics, etc, this will affect my internet package, right?

Comodo Client - If I understood correctly, anything uploaded I can view them whether docs, musics, etc like local harddisk & this will not affect my internet package, right?

And when I upload anything with Client drag & drop on the tray icon, a transparent like window appears but how to cancel the upload if I want to cancel it? I cannot see anything to cancel it.

And I guess anything can be drag & drop to upload on drive e too which is the mounted drive for cloud, right?

Does the drag & drop puts the files in the proper section i.e if I drag & drop a document it will be there in the document section of the website, music drag & drop will be there under music section on website?

And is cloud free forever? coz the subscription for the free 5 GB mentions ends 1 year.

And the website mentions you get 200 MB free for inviting a friend & you can avail this to Max 10 GB. I guess this means 200MB for inviting 1 frd so inviting 2 frds means 400 MB, right? And I guess the frds have to open the account, right?

And the website also mentions if for 3 months there is no activity account will be terminated but you will be notified time to time that there is no activity. So I want to know if you invited a frd & got 200 MB & later your frds account was terminated coz of no activity, does the 200 MB I got for inviting him also will be reduced from my account as his account was terminated?

And is the 200 MB inviting a frd instant i.e your frd you invited opens the account & 200 MB is transferred to your account instantly or any other way?

Actually there are more ways: COMODO Backup and CCloud for mobile phones (Android and soon coming iOS)


No. The view of any file is realised on the client side which means that the file is being downloaded when viewing it. So it will affect the internet package.

There is an X button right near the upload progress bar.


Yes. The documents, music, pictures and videos on website are views. They allow you to see only those types of files and folders that contain those types of files.

The subscription can be renewed each year indefinetly.


No, your storage will not be reduced.

Almost instant. There could be a few minutes delay. A login-logout operation will fix this.



Thanxx for all the info.