Comodo Cloud Scanning

How does the cloud scanning in Comodo work?

Is it similar to Panda Cloud? As in does every file I scan with a quick scan or full scan get checked in the cloud as well as locally?

Why should someone use Comodo as opposed to something like Panda or Avira cloud based free antivirus?

Liking Comodo so far seems a really good program.

I am not familiar with exactly what Panda cloud does, but under the quick scan and full scan settings (Advanced Settings->security settings->scans), if you right-click on one of those scans and select ‘edit’, then expand the ‘options’ section, you can see if cloud scanning is used. By default, it looks like it is not in the full scan that runs on a schedule, but is on for quick scan’. You can make customs scans with it on or off if you want to leave these scans with default settings, but have some other scanning options.

As to why to use Comodo over others, I would say the default-deny design (so that you are protected from unknown files that turn out to be malware), ability to have HIPS (would be on if you use the Proactive profile), sandboxing, auto-sandboxing, and just a huge amount of customization options…all in addition to decent traditional AV protection.

I think these videos explain the basic difference between Comodo and other AVs well, if you have 15 min, check them out:
Part 1: - YouTube
Part 2: - YouTube

Comodo’s AV part is not of the best. If to use Comodo then CF with or without any other AV. I do it with 360TS or Avast or some others.

Comodo cloud scanning is more of a reputation scanner. If a file is unknown it will scan the file in the cloud.

If the cloud says the file is safe:
-CIS will add that file to your trusted files list and the file will be allowed to run without an alerts.

If the cloud says the file is malicious:
-CIS will alert you to quarantine the file or add it to your exclusions.

If the cloud says the file is unknown:

  • CIS will sandbox the file or a HIPS alert will be shown depending on your settings.

Currently if the cloud is enabled it will enabled both the cloud trusted file list and cloud blacklisting. Im hoping in the future comodo will separate these so the user can enable the cloud trusted file list and blacklist individually.