Comodo Cloud Scanner (and other antivirus)

There are a lot of discussion about cloud scanning.
Immunet and Panda were the popular first ones.
There is another player in the game. Comodo version 5 :slight_smile:

The advantage of having a good protection (or, in my case a good second opinion on-line but not resident).

avast passed some infections miserably… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there other exclusive cloud detections of Comodo?
Can you post the VirusTotal links? Thanks.

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Glad to see that COMODO AV is above champions :comodo110:

But does it mean that CIS 4 that lacks the cloud detection can’t detect it?

But keygen are not always malware. May be this detection is not really malicious but the detection is coz its keygen. I read in False postive thread here, regarding a keygen detection by CAV, one of the Devs mentioned that keygen are not always malicious so if you trust it you should exclude it from CAV’s detection. So i guess Avast didn’t missed this detection miserably.


You’re right! Not all keygens are malicious, but if Tech was full of sorrow regarding Avast detection i am ready to bet that this file is malicious.

The file is malicious.
The number of detections is increasing…

Symantec also caught it in the cloud, in its very own way.
WS.Reputation.1 its a cloud reputation thingy.

Was there anything wrong on my question?
Can’t everybody cooperate?