COMODO Cloud Scanner 2 wishlist


Please post what you would like to see in upcoming releases of COMODO Cloud Scanner 2

Under the Malware & Suspicious Files section could there be an option to filter the results by the type of file?

For example it would be useful to select to view how many unknown exe’s are currently running on your computer.

CIS would look like this if I had my way :slight_smile:

Safe File ->Checks White list->White Listed = No pop ups.
Unknown file ->Checks White list ->unknown,Sandbox → Scanned by CCS → If malware, Quarantine → If not, Send for analysis.
(Stay in sandbox isolated while waiting for verdict)
Bad->Checks White list->unknown, Sandbox → Scanned by CCS ->found bad, Quarantine.

If I’m not wrong behavior like this will be seen once they have incorporated the behavioral analyzer.

So was your wish then for CCS to be incorporated directly with CIS without waiting for the behavioral analyzer to be created?

Yeh, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work any different from CIS now. The signatures would be in the cloud, No more AV updates ;D


I would like CCS2 to be able to identify vulnerabilities / updates with installed software. CPM could then be used to update required software fixing any vulnerabilities.


An AV still needs to keep signatures on the computer. An infection can cut off internet connection, then how would you be able to identify and remove it?

Cause of the layered defense. Defense+\sandbox and firewall are more than enough to isolate and contain potential threats without signatures.


I would like CCS2 to display the build no. as well as the version (see screenshot). Having updated CCS2 earlier, there is no way (visually with the GUI) to tell the difference.


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Generally, this is a wish for all Comodo products (and any product at all…).


It would be usefull for CCS2 to report (in MB) the amount of data that is going to be submitted for analysis (especially after a deep scan). For example, my scan has reported 418 unknown files (I guess that is alot of MB to upload ;D ).


Edit: Once these files have been uploaded (and checked), if I did another scan, would they then be reported as “Safe but not digitally signed”?

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But, first of all, I want the files be analyzed. Seems that I’m just losing bandwidth uploading them :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely. That’s why I didn’t upload anything ;D. Too many files without knowing the size :o.


A way to notify and send False positives.


  1. When a file has an invalid digital signature, report that it has an invalid digital signature. Currently CCS reports that the file has no digital signature.
  2. Identify executables by file contents, not file extension.
  3. When Comodo has a given file but hasn’t yet made a determination, CCS should report “unclassified” so that the user knows to check again later.
  4. Ability to do context menu scanning for volumes.

Do not upload 2 times the same file.

Check the SHA1 or whatever you want with the cloud but do not upload several times the same file.

Take a look to Wuzzup, is similar to Comodo CLoud Scanner, also free but much better.

You can download it and try it for a couple of days and you will get many good ideas.

A way to send a file to Virus Total in the interfacel, right click - send to…