comodo cloud repair

well today i am day dreaming about what will be new in CIS 6 and i got a idea ---------
how about a cloud scan of CIS for any err or missing file in it and if it found any err or missing files. it just download it from net so we won’t have to download whole pack again , and for more it do an automatic program scan every week for errs and repair it . hope you guys like it 8)

(i want this feature cuz sometimes due to virus attack we have to restore whole system to earlier time and then program get errs or missing items so it will be helpful cuz them we won’t have to re-install CIS again )

ohh and BTW by adding this feature comodo IS will be first security suite which will be able to repair itself from cloud ;D

:rocks: :110: :love:

Do you mean if a system file gets infected or replaced by malware CIS could download and replace with a clean copy ?

If this is what you mean then this would be awesome, gets a thumbs up from me :-TU

could be difficult to implement but great feature if possible